Anchor and Rose was founded in 2014 with a mere £150.00 and the vision to offer timeless streetwear influenced by diverse tattoo styles exclusively for men. Driven by a passion for art and illustration, the brand was formed as an outlet for creativity. As the Classic Monogram Tee hit the scene, Anchor and Rose began to gain notoriety in the tattoo fashion realm, growing with each subsequent release. 

 Original Monogram Tee2014 Classic Monogram Tee



In June 2023, Anchor and Rose began a new chapter, leaving behind the challenging period that many experienced between 2019 and 2021. With fresh opportunity and revised strategies, Anchor and Rose looks to bring tattoo-inspired streetwear to it's loyal customers as well as those yet to discover us. 

We want to make this journey with you, our customers. Whether you are new to the brand, one of the original supporters of us or somewhere in between; everyone is welcome to Anchor and Rose clothing. We look forward to progressing this brand to new heights.



Amidst this transition, Anchor and Rose remains a proud British brand that so many have become familiar with. A fresh perspective on the industry after so many changes to the world has given us opportunity to adapt, exploring new avenues of print and production as well as enhancing online connectivity with our customers.  

This is a new start for Anchor and Rose Clothing, and we thank all of you for being a part of this journey with us.